In the Dance Base brochure I wrote: I will also continue to research my interest in improvised performances, using stand up, physical comedy and witchcraft as starting points. I will investigate how voice and sound meet the movement of And.

In the residency I was especially taken with a strong focus on the witchcraft section, taking inspiration from the book WITCHES SLUTS FEMINISTS by Kristen J Sollee. I have found this book very relatable and powerful in thinking about female figures, our relationship and history to the patriarchy, body image / awareness / self love and how I can convey/explore/research/invite/enhance/encourage that in a solo/on a stage/in my life/to others, those who have a vulva, identify as female or those who are not that.

I also decided to trial the sharing without clothes on, with a different audience/performer configuration - with everyone scattered around the room choosing where they wanted to sit or stand and I had different props, books, notes I had used from all my research so far around the room so the audience could look at this throughout the performance also. I learned a lot from the sharing this week, which I will use to develop the next research at Dance Base in November.

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