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Teaching at Scottish Dance Theatre, Dundee

Over the next two weeks, I will teaching Contemporary Dance Technique on Tuesday 22nd and 29th and I will lead two Professional Masterclasses on Thursday 24th and 31st at Scottish Dance Theatre in Dundee, as part of their Creative Learning strand.

And. Like most of the And workshops I fascilitate, participants will, in the end, perform a mini And solo to the group, having improvised how the feel they are that day, after noticing and practicing meditative mind focussing exercises to tune into their own bodies, after warming up the body and voice. The Contemporary Dance Technique classes will be and the Masterclasses will both be directly related to

And, in the final session, we will absolutely pay homage to the witchcraft section of the piece as it is Samhaim! (some call it Halloween and others call it All Hallows Eve, but from sundown on 31 October to 1 November, many pagans and witches refer to the time as Samhaim)

Go to Scottish Dance Theatre's website for details on how to join!

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