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Community engagement in Aberdeen

RaInBoW steps and construction at Union Square, Aberdeen

At the beginning of this week, I have had the pleasure of sharing the process and improvised performance quality of And with two different youth groups here at the Anatomy Rooms in Aberdeen. I worked with Fusion Youth Dance Group and the Higher Dance pupils from all over Aberdeen.

Like most of my And workshops, we start with an improvised warm up, working with ideas and images I bring to the group, recognising how we are feeling that day and working with those sensations and internal thoughts.

Together with the group, we then write our very own And list. Based on anything we feel like sharing and dancing to. We begin with 'Can we dance tomorrow please? Can we please move? About......' and then we write and write and write. It is always so wonderful to work with many different groups of people, of different ages, from different socioeconomic backgrounds. We then attempted to memorise the list and perform it to each other, improvising similarly as we did at the beginning of the class.

I love sharing And with different people, and I love watching their confidence grow from beginning of class to the end - where they perform, in front of everyone, their mini And solo!

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