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BADBODYCHAOSCODE are a band. A girl band, boy band, pop band, punk band.

BADBODYCHAOSCODE want you to have a good time. Feel joy, share euphoria, move your body.

BADBODYCHAOSCODE have an album. Headliner. It’s riotous and witchy. Thumping beats and catchy lyrics. It’s surreal, angry, ridiculous and just really really fun.

BADBODYCHAOSCODE work without a hierarchy. We champion autonomy. Power to the individual through the framework of collective creativity.

BADBODYCHAOSCODE celebrate our bodies. They are vehicles to be physical, powerful, dynamic.

BADBODYCHAOSCODE create Utopian pop cultures. We choose the lens through which you see us. Watching you, watching us.

BADBODYCHAOSCODE are a constantly shifting constellation of humans.

BADBODYCHAOSCODE are here to dance and sing and shout. To take up space and make noise. To give space and to radically listen.

Charlotte Mclean and Haley Jayne Gash began BADBODYCHAOSCODE in a living room in London 2017. They have expanded, transformed and developed since then, gaining various residencies including Choreodrome at The Place, Dampfzentrale Bern and various commissions including London's V&A Museum, The Place London and TANZhAUS Bern. In 2020, Charlotte formed Die Berner Band when she moved to Bern, Switzerland.


March 2022

HEADLINER invites the audience to join on a loud and energising journey through a Utopian pop culture in which our bodies may exist through a lens of our choosing.


Accompanied by riotous chanting, witchy humming, out of tune singing and 90s club bangers, HEADLINER disrupts

the boundaries of genre, encouraging you to expand your expectations and experience euphoria.

Collaboration with badbodychaoscode and Die Berner Band.

Performed in Bern, 2022.

The Place London

January 2022

Research indicates that January is the month where most students struggle with motivation and injury in relation to physical training.


So London Contemporary Dance School invited us in to work for two weeks with the first year undergrad students. We shared our practice, did many 'Circle of Joys' and taught repertory from our album 'HEADLINER'.

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