Gracefool Collective - DÅRE

Today I performed 'And' at DÅRE in Leeds, a fundraising event for Gracefool Collective to rasie money to take a new show to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Performing 'And' to strangers was a good experience because I've only every performed it at least knowing one person in the audience. Strangers and Leeds is a welcoming place for And!

And - Negotiated Project Performance

Performance of And on the Negotiated Project day at London Contemporary Dance School. This performance was marked as part of my final dissertation relating to physical comedy - where my interest for making a solo begun. The best feedback I had on this day was lecturer Lauren Potter crying. Glad it can resonate in some way.

And at Arbroath Cliffs

Out for a walk with my dad. There is always time to trial some thoughts you have been having. Then new surroundings evoke new thoughts, possibilities, opportunities. Feeling fortunate as And is me, I can take it / do it anywhere. With no lights, music, specific dance floor to perform it on, I like how versatile And is.

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