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And is a tribute to every living creature on this earth.

To everything. Thank you.

And is a sacrifice to every emotion, even those we are yet to feel.

And is a homage to; the earth, the cosmos, the miniscule, the magic, the meaning, the moment, the moments before and all that's yet to come.

And is to feel, to fail, to experience, to share and to be.

And is then and was. And is here and now.

And is in between and something to believe in. And is hope.

And is the mothers and grandmothers who've danced before us, everyone we've ever known and the children we're yet to meet.

And is an auto-biographical performance about growing up as a woman, and explores culture, identity, nationality and politics.


Over the last five years, And has developed from a text message sent to a friend in 2017 to a full length performance. And began as a short poetic list Charlotte texted to her friend Jay. She felt desperate, discouraged and alone whilst studying in London. The next day, both Charlotte and Jay danced in the park. And began as a therapy, a way to survive, to express, to attempt to understand.

The text message was the original And list, which then transformed into her bachelors dissertation and performance. Charlotte explored the themes of physical and silent comedy in relation and comparison to contemporary dance. Since then, And has been in development from its initial performative iteration as a 10-minute solo for her graduation from The Place in 2017 into a full length production in September 2021, along the way reincarnating as many different forms, including a stand up comedy gig and acoustic concert.

During the lockdown in 2020, Charlotte was able to take some time away from And to reflect. This brought new inspiration for the solo from her lived experiences that year. Although, now with the introduction of darker, more unspoken themes such as miscarriage and abortion, the work is still hopeful and shares reflections on her ancestors, her future children and celebrates our mundane, bizarre, beautiful life on earth. Charlotte claims she will perform And for the rest of her life. It will transform and grow with her and may well be passed down to the next generation. 

Creative Team:

Concept, choreographer, performer: Charlotte Mclean


Movement, Performance and Vocal Collaborators: David Paul Jones, Jack Webb, Pat Kinevane, Solène Weinachter

Lighting Designer: Emma Jones


Costume Maker: Rosie Whiting

Creative Producer: Helen McIntosh

Production Manager: Fi Fraser


Lighting Supervisor: Andrew Gannon

PR and Marketing Manager: Joy Parkinson


Sound engineer: Julius Oppermann


COSMIC by Laura Lore

I belong by Dara Pacis


Supported by:

Made In Scotland Showcase, Creative Scotland, The Place, Dance Base, Dampfzentrale Bern, The Work Room and Citymoves

With thanks to:

Curious Seed, Dundee Rep and Scottish Dance Theatre

And by Charlotte Mclean. Credit Maria Falconer4.jpg

Photos by Amy Sinead / Maria Falconer


Black Box Theatre, Oslo
6th & 7th September 2024



Gilsland Village Hall, Northumberland, England
Friday 8th March, 7.30pm

The Witham, Barnard Castle, England
Thursday 7th  March, 7.30pm

Heart of Hawick, Hawick
Tuesday 6th March, 7.30pm



Criccieth Memorial Hall, Wales
Wednesday 15th November, 7.30pm

The Little Theatre, Nairn
Saturday 23nd September, 7.30pm 

The Phoenix Centre, Newton Dee
Friday 22nd September, 7pm 

Tojo Theatre, Bern
9 - 11 March, 8.30pm

Dundee Rep & Scottish Dance Theatre
12 April, 7.30pm



The Place London
10th September, 7.30pm

Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2022:

WORLD PREMIERE at Dance Base, Edinburgh 
16th - 28th August, 6pm (except Mondays) 
20th Aug, 6pm  - BSL interpreted performance
24th Aug, 6pm  - Relaxed performance

(Part of the Made In Scotland Showcase 2022)

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