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Residency at Citymoves, Aberdeen

This week I was resident at Citymoves, Aberdeen.

It was a wild and windy week, and I listened to that song by Dougie MacLean (wild and windy night), feeling very Scottish and patriotic. After returning from Bern, Switzerland where the beginning of their Autumn was a very hot Scottish summer. I did my first German speaking play with Pink Mama Theatre, the play was a reimagining of Immanuel Kant by Thomas Bernhard and is called Psittacus Erithacus! It was great to immerse myself fully into a three week intensive period of rehearsals and language, as well as my first experience of actually 'acting', instead of dance/physical theatre.

The week in the studio at Citymoves was in complete solitude, it was very internal and reflective. I reflected on all I had journeyed and performed over summer, I reflected on all the residencies, performances and workshops I had delivered about And this year so far and I manifested what I wanted for And in 2020.

I decided not to do a sharing, as I felt it was not fitting to the week, and I will soon perform at DanceLive in Aberdeen in October, so I will save it until then.

A massive thanks to Hayley Durwood and all the team at Citymoves Dance Agency for assisting and making my residency as warm as possible, amongst the grey skies!

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