States of Tension

States of Tension from ‘Why Is That So Funny’ by John Wright Exhausted Laid back One moment at a time Neutral ‘Is there a bomb in the room?’ (5a. Virgin Mary acting) ‘There is a bomb in the room!’ ‘The bomb is about to go off’ Rigor Mortis Today I improvised with the states of tension Jaques Lecoq developed for actors and physical comedians, which John Wright explores and encourages as a tool to use in 'Why Is That So Funny'. Using this allowed me to broaden my contemporary dance skills, as the states of tension are quite relatable places to which I dance in or have danced in before but applying them to different parts of the solo allowed me to justify, juxtapose and play with certain secti

Solo tricks

Reflect: After the second improvised performance it was time to put the reading of physical comedy techniques into practice. Plan: I worked on tricks from The Physical Comedy Handbook: scissor kicks; hat kick; scissors kick fall; back/forward roll/head slams. Act: No footage recorded. Observe: I practiced each one and how they could be incorporated into the solo, deciding when I could enter into one, if it would be effective and when it would feel most relevant. ‘The director George Abbott defined comedy as the derailing of a train of thought’ (Robinson, D. 1999) and this quote sums up the solo practice so far. It is nonsensical to watch and is exactly how I feel performing and practicing it

'And' in Mabels

Just for fun. Why not dance in the pub with your mates. Continuous research..... lucky to have good friends.

Body Space Image

Reflect: After the success at SDD of the first performance I was outside for the second. Beforehand, I read a text by Eva Karczag in Body Space Image (Tufnell et al, p 48) named Listening and this is what I worked on and thought about when performing. Plan: Today was continuation of live research and development via performance to small audience and passers by. Act: Performance of 'And' on Friday 10th March at Shoreditch Community Garden Observe: During this performance I was noticing my habits, noticing my surroundings (especially the passers by) and noticing myself.

'And' performance @ SDD

Video of the first performance of 'And' at Siobhan Davies Dance Young Artists Feedback Forum. Reflect: Again, upon preparing for the first performance I had done no practical sessions to prepare I had read all of the techniques I wanted to use and put them into practice for the first time during the performance. Plan: Improvise. Act: Below is a video of the first performance of 'And' at Siobhan Davies Dance Young Artists Feedback Forum. Observe: This event was a very valuable part of this project as it was the first time I put my ideas into action and performed what I had been reading about so far. I received a lot of feedback that I can take forward in the proces

Can We Dance Tomorrow Please? Can We Please Move?

Today I performed 'And' - a new solo creation working with physical comedy and improvisation as part of the Young Artist's Feedback Forum facilitated by Amy Bell at Siobhan Davies Dance. Programme notes for the piece are as follows: Can we dance tomorrow please? Can we please move? After reciting to the audience a text message she sent to a friend last year, the dancer will attempt to use physical comedy techniques such as tension, rhythm and timing to explore how she feels about the text in a structured improvisation. Below is a video from the day after I sent the text to Jay. The day. The beginning. We did dance and move about what I asked her to. The feedback forum which was informed by L

Siobhan Davies Dance Choreographer's Interview

Katharina Joy from the Young Artist's Advisory Group at Siobhan Davies Dance interviewed me earlier last week in preparation for my first performance of 'And'. Take a look: The Young Artists Feedback Forum is taking place on 5th March 2017, from 5-7PM, at Siobhan Davies Dance London, and it is organised by the Young Artists Advisory Group. Come to see and feedback on exciting new works by young choreographers! £3 on the door and the bar will be open. Facebook event here: And more information here: Above information by Katharina Joy http://blog.siobhandavies

Movement inspired by...

Reflect: The beginning day of finding my own movement language coming from the text we also recorded. Plan: To spontaneously move using the text as stimulus and inspiration. Act: The link is a video of the movement vocabulary that came after reading and filming the text for the first time. Observe: Noticing that I have a distinct way of moving which is very much so contemporary dance, not surprising as I trained professionally in that.

Text inspired by...

Reflect: Outside stimulus for the theme of the piece came from a text message I send to a friend one evening when I knew we were dancing the next day. Plan: I sent the text and we decided we would film the words and dance the next day. Act: The link is a video of the text message being spoken in Holland Park. This was the beginning and stimulus for research and the piece. Observe: Deciding that this was the text I would use for the project was apparent, even though most physical comedy work and a lot of the work I am inspired and influenced by do not have text. It was necessary that this would be the main stimulus for the work – and the link between contemporary dance and physical comedy sid

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