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TOUR 2024

5th April - The Space, Dundee BOOK HERE

11th, 12th, 13th April - Tojo Theatre, Bern BOOK HERE

18th April - The Place, London BOOK HERE

26th, 27th April - Tramway, Glasgow BOOK HERE

13th - 18th August, Dance Base, Edinburgh BOOK HERE

(Part of the Made In Scotland Showcase 2024)

Futuristic Folktales has been in creation since 2022 has been co-commissioned by The Place and Tojo Theatre. The project has been supported by Creative Scotland, Stadt Bern, Kanton Bern, ProHelvetia, Schweizerische Interpretenstiftung SIS, Burgergemeinde Bern, Ursula Wirz Foundation,  The Space Dundee and Angus College, Dance Base, Dampfzentrale, Dansomètre, Sadlers Wells and Vakuum Bewegungsraum.

Futuristic Folktales, a dance for hope, reimagines the story of creation. Through storytelling, acts of birth and un-birth, Scottish Highland and contemporary dance, we attempt to tell the unknown tale of the first ever womb – the place we have all come from. This experimental dance theatre show questions the preservation of tradition, myth, and identity whilst scrutinising body politics and reproductive injustices, set alongside an evocative soundscape of experimental bagpipes composed by Malin Lewis.

The performers invite you to experience resistance as the work imitates the hostile environment of a womb. An environment where life and death coexist. Futuristic Folktales seeks to further dance as a form of political protest and a space for collective reckoning, otherwise, why dance?

Futuristic Folktales_26April24_photo Brian Hartley_7461_hi.jpg

Creative Team

Concept and Director: Charlotte Mclean (she/her)
Creative Producer: Helen McIntosh (she/her)

Lighting Designer & Production Manager: Emma Jones (she/her)

Writer: Nelly Kelly (they/them)

Composer: Malin Lewis (they/them) 

Costume Designer: Alison Brown (she/her)

Dramaturg: Rob Evans (he/him)

Performer: Astro Scheidegger (he/him) / Seke Chimutengwende (he/him)

Performer: Orrow Bell (they/them)

Technical Manager: Lynn Wiseman (she/her) 

PR (UK): Storytelling PR 

PR (Switzerland): HERproductions

International Consultant: Nadja Dias (she/her)

Project Collaborators: Annable Cooper (she/her), Amarnah C Osajivbe-Amuldun (she/her), Chanai Bradley Fofanah (she/her), Domenico Angarano (he/him), Gina Lorenzen (she/her), Ichai Carre (he/him), Irodriel Costello (they/them), Kirsty Nicolson (they/them), Kate Hall (she/her), Lucy Suggate (she/her), Molly Scott Danter (they/them), Rebekka Hoelzle (she/her), Rhys Dennis (he/him), Sunniva Moen Rørvik (they/them)

Photos by Brian Hartley

Video by Rob Willoughby

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