From Scotland, Charlotte trained at London Contemporary Dance School, The Scottish School of Contemporary Dance and Scottish Dance Theatre creative learning.

She has performed throughout the UK, EU, Australia and USA in works by Pink Mama Theatre, Eva Recacha and Curious Seed amongst others. She has also worked with Hannes Langolf, Dam Van Huynh, Jack Webb and Barrowland Ballet. 

Charlotte will continue to develop her solo 'And' in April 2021 at Dampfzentrale, Bern and will perform a 15 minute version as part of Digital Buzz Festival at Scottish Dance Theatre in June 21. She will finish the solo in Autumn 21 with a residency at Dance Base, Edinburgh. She will premiere it at RISE Festival in Findhorn late Autumn 21 and tour it to Dance Base's Edinburgh Festival Fringe programme in August 2022. Pat Kinevane and Solène Weinachter will assist in directing the dramaturgy and movement of the solo and Christine Devaney at Curious Seed will continue to mentor Charlotte throughout the process. 

Charlotte is co-founder of The Yonis with Haley Jayne Gash. The Yonis are a contemporary movement girl band, originally based in London,.The Yonis have been commissioned to perform at Edinburgh and Camden Fringe Festivals, Brainchild Festival, V&A London, The Place and have been featured in Dazed and Confused Magazine. They have toured in London, Krakow, New York City and Zurich. 

Charlotte began her dancing career with Highland, a traditional Scottish form of movement and taught this from a young age. She has always been passionate about teaching and sharing. She has taught at New Dance Academy, Bern; London Contemporary Dance School; Scottish Dance Theatre; Dance Base, Edinburgh and TanzBüro Basel. She also worked at The Royal Ballet School for two years as Associate Centre Assistant.

From August 2017 - July 2018 Charlotte was mentored by Al Seed, as part of the DEBS scheme at Dance Base, Edinburgh.

From January 2019 - January 2020, Charlotte was a Sweetshop Tiger participant with Sally Marie.