Abeerance #11

Performance of 'And' as part of the multi-disciplinary arts event, Abeerance #11. One week before the deadline for the project ends.


Reflect: After the feedback and reflection from doing the tasks, I have decided to break up the piece into sections and each section I will focus on a different ‘tool’ or technique I have from the process. In this sense it will be a structured improvisation however I can drop the tools when I want. Plan: Performing it to the camera – no audience to watch. Observe: It’s a good idea to have sections as I am finding images and ideas that I like and would like to keep. For example, saying the text with hindrance – an arm in front of my face. From Phillipe Gaulier website: Important note: a character in the theater only exists if our imagination welcomes him or her into his castle, declares them

Keeping Quiet

Keeping Quiet - Visual Comedy in the Age of Sound Reflect: Continuing to work on the techniques I had set out to learn. Plan: Today I attempted the solo without the text or without any sound at all. I also attempted saying the text but without sound, so only the movement of my lips making the sound. Observe: Doing this enabled me to really practice the movement tasks I had been doing before and focus solely on the specifics of the movement vocabulary I had built up so far. Also, I realised that it is not physical comedy at all. A lot of physical comedy blurs lines with contemporary dance technique and they are very similar to practice, perform and to watch.


Today I was lucky enough to receive some mentoring from Joan Cleville. I showed him my solo and we talked through some storytelling and voice work techniques and ways in which I could develop the solo further to make it more than just investigating different ways of physical comedy techniques.


In today’s session I worked on different aspects of timing to help diversify the solo and allow silences and pauses – something that was a very important part of audience feedback at SDD YAFF. Punctuating the rhythm Comic timing


Today I worked with rhythm focusing on three different aspects of rhythm: Rhythmic agility Internal and external rhythm Rhythm and emotion

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