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Residency at Dance Base, Edinburgh Autumn 2019

'Get ready for Brexit' poster - the new reality

I have now been creating, researching, developing and trialling different parts of my solo since 2017.

During this residency at Dance Base I will continue to be mentored by Christine Devaney from Curious Seed, Chris has been mentoring me for a while (I had one session with her in May, and we spent the whole afternoon but then I could not partake in the residency due to health reasons, so we have it rescheduled now, in Autumn!). I^m looking forward to being in the studio with Chris and discussing more ideas, concepts, possibilities and anything that comes up. The feeling of having a mentor is a new one for me, and Chris likes to think of it as an exchange, not that she tells me what to do, rather leads, or opens a door for a new direction to look down or avenue to explore. I like that! I can't wait to develop this relationship!


Company Class | Tuesday 17 September | 10.00 – 11.30

The class will use breath, voice work and visualisation exercises as tools for self-practice in improvisation. The class will start from the floor to standing and during this time, will explore ways of improvising efficiently and safely, with joy and individual celebration at its core. Come along and find pleasure in dancing the way you want. Open to all abilities.

Company Showing | Friday 20 September | 16.00


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