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Citymoves, Aberdeen

Citymoves is based in Aberdeen, Scotland.

Citymoves’ purpose is to make a difference through dance in the North East of Scotland.

We aim to forge strong partnerships, increase participation, develop audiences, nurture talent and place Citymoves on the international dance map.

I had the pleasure of teaching a two hour workshop about 'And' as part of the professional programme at Citymoves.

Firstly we spent time warming up the body from imagery and breath using improvisation. We then spent most of the workshop dancing joyfully, finding pleasure in our own way of moving - in no way attempting to break our habits or go against what we normally do - we indulged in dancing like us - celebrating our individuality and then sharing this. We noticed how and what movements / qualities we normally dance like, named them and improvised with this as our score - doing what we already like doing.

We created our own 'And' lists, which, the more I teach workshops, the more I enjoy hearing everyone's lists. As the ages in this workshop differed to the oldest being over 40, the different life experiences and future plans are drastically different so sharing this is fascinating to witness.

At the end, we set our own 'And' list, improvised the movement and performed these to each other in the group.

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