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Solo tricks


After the second improvised performance it was time to put the reading of physical comedy techniques into practice.


I worked on tricks from The Physical Comedy Handbook: scissor kicks; hat kick; scissors kick fall; back/forward roll/head slams.


No footage recorded.


I practiced each one and how they could be incorporated into the solo, deciding when I could enter into one, if it would be effective and when it would feel most relevant.

‘The director George Abbott defined comedy as the derailing of a train of thought’ (Robinson, D. 1999) and this quote sums up the solo practice so far. It is nonsensical to watch and is exactly how I feel performing and practicing it. Interruptions occur and I can throw in a physical comedy technique such as a scissor kick fall whenever I feel.

I will continue to practice these solo tricks and can use them or leave them at the door whenever I perform the solo.

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