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Great Feats, Edinburgh

Tamara's 'And' list

Great Feats is a programme run at Dance Base, Edinburgh for young people between the ages of 16-25 who are not in education, employment or training.

About the programme:

By offering free, positive and accessible dance experiences, Great Feats aim to change any negative perceptions young people may have about dance and bring participants from different backgrounds together in a positive manner.

All services are free of charge and young people from disadvantaged or hard-to-reach areas can access the programme by being referred to us through their key workers or agencies, or by getting in contact themselves.

I taught my first Great Feats session on Tues 15 May and will teach a few more sessions until the end of the week.

Working, still, with the ideas and concepts of 'And', I worked with the group on promoting creativity and individuality - recognising how different we all move, celebrating our unique way of moving and improvising movement and text.

We wrote our own 'And' list and used the voice from whispering to screaming to learn our own 'And' list.

We worked on performing these solo's, not to each other, but to inanimate objects in the room. We created fake audience members out of these objects - defining them as whoever we want to be, whoever we wanted to perform to today.

Working with the Great Feats group demonstrates how inclusive 'And' is and how anyone can create, practice and perform an 'And' solo.

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