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After the feedback and reflection from doing the tasks, I have decided to break up the piece into sections and each section I will focus on a different ‘tool’ or technique I have from the process. In this sense it will be a structured improvisation however I can drop the tools when I want.


Performing it to the camera – no audience to watch.


It’s a good idea to have sections as I am finding images and ideas that I like and would like to keep. For example, saying the text with hindrance – an arm in front of my face.

From Phillipe Gaulier website:

Important note: a character in the theater only exists if our imagination welcomes him or her into his castle, declares them to be a ghost of honor.

Our souls are full of mad ghosts.

And what should I say about style?

Nature is rich in differences, diversity. The depths of oceans reveal strange movements and structures. A man, or woman, is sometimes haunted by the deep-sea trenches in which they are hidden: this is their style.

'Why dirty the soul of students by slyly fobbing them off with the style of others, imprisoning them in alien formats? It is more generous to give them the taste of freedom.

Freedom is Cleansing.

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