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Towards Vivencia Contemporary classes

Monday 19 / 26

Wednesday  21 / 28 


my body is my home

When the worldwide governmental advice was 'stay at home', it really made me consider and think about those who do not have a home, who do not feel comfortable or safe in their home or those who are moving from home to home to home.

My body is my home is an alternate reality, a creation of a new safe space, inside our own bodies. We will create and imagine a new home; one where we chose who enters, where we have agency to do what we want with it and how we can protect and bring to life the precious tools we have inside it.
Over the four sessions, we will use imagination and listening as our main sources for movement. I will propose and offer images and tools to practice and build up this new home, inside ourselves. 

Follow the link below for info on how to join:



Profitraining Bern

From Mon 19 Oct - Fri 30 Oct I will cover Nina Stadler's classes at the beautiful Ballsaal Studio

Mondays: Morning dance flow 9 - 10am

Tuesdays: Fusion Ballet / Contemporary 12.10 - 13.40pm

Fridays: Professional Contemporary 10 - 11.30am

Follow the link below for info on how to join:


"And" Exhibition at Schmuck & Performance Vernissage


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