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The Devil of Sundays with David Paul Jones

The Devil Of Sundays song

During the residency week at Dance Base, as I got deeper and deeper into witchcraft, I was joined by David Paul Jones, a musician I worked with on We Are All Just Little Creatures, a collaboration and production between Edinburgh based companies Curious Seed, Lung Ha Theatre Company and Lyra last May. I instantly made a connection with DPJ and loved his way of working, creating and generating songs!

I already had a poem called The Devil of Sundays which I thought would be a great addition to the witchcraft section of And, or at least it would help give the section more substance or understanding even if it didn't make the final cut. On a sunny afternoon on the balcony at Dance Base, together we found harmonies and melodies for the song, I explained the feeling I wanted to have and DPJ masterfully put it together and I now have my very first song!! I trialled it in the sharing with the loop pedal, (which I still want to work on), and it didn't completely flop so that's great!


Eerily and witchy enough I write this on Friday the 13th oooooooooooooh

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