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Having had time away from And whilst working with Pink Mama Theatre in Switzerland from October to December this has given me time to reflect and plan what I want to do with the solo for 2018.

And is almost reaching its 1st birthday and the ability to have worked on and developed And since Feb 2017 has allowed me to now know what And is actually about.

Before, I thought And was about me, an autobiographical piece. I now think And is about more than me; ambitions, hopes, goals, desires, attempts to live and succeed in this ever-changing world.

I've come to the conclusion that I will perform And for the rest of my life (now only being 23 that's quite a brash statement) but I would like to have this goal. And will change and develop as I grow and mature.

And began as a desperate attempt to stay sane in London, I'll use it as a type of self therapy towards sanity, or something similar.

Flying forward into 2018 like....

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